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Madison Math Circle: Mathematics of epidemics

Last night I had an amazing time at Madison Math Circle, hanging out with a bunch of bright school kids, who were undaunted by either diseases or mathematics. Since I had quite a few questions after the lecture, I decided to post an overview so anyone interested can go over it themselves. For those of you who attended and have further questions, or even wish to explore mathematical dynamics on your own, feel free to leave a comment below or e-mail me at and I’ll try to answer all your questions and provide some guidance for future.
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Earth Wind/Ocean Map

This page , created by Cameron Baccario, hosts a beautiful visualization of atmospheric and oceanic currents in close-to-real time. Go to the “About” page to see the explanation of what to look for at each pressure levels, what types of projections you could use, and what other data, like temperature and precipitation, you can overlay to help your understanding of Earth’s processes.

My whiteboard scribbles!

Julia Collins, a mathematician at U of Edinburgh, maintains a website that showcases photos of mathematicians’ black- and whiteboards. She published mine! Check it out here:

What’s on my whiteboard (Sep 2012)

From Chuck Akemann's class

From Chuck Akemann’s class homework