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Earth Wind/Ocean Map

This page , created by Cameron Baccario, hosts a beautiful visualization of atmospheric and oceanic currents in close-to-real time. Go to the “About” page to see the explanation of what to look for at each pressure levels, what types of projections you could use, and what other data, like temperature and precipitation, you can overlay to help your understanding of Earth’s processes.


My whiteboard scribbles!

Julia Collins, a mathematician at U of Edinburgh, maintains a website that showcases photos of mathematicians’ black- and whiteboards. She published mine! Check it out here:

What’s on my whiteboard (Sep 2012)

From Chuck Akemann's class

From Chuck Akemann’s class homework


Holding it all!

If you ever used the “hold” command in Matlab and were annoyed by having to manage colors manually if you wanted to change colors for your data, there is hope! This link

shows you how you can harness Matlab plot’s color cycling mechanism across “hold”s!

Chemistry FTW

This is just too funny

Chaotic dynamics

Very nice flash applet which will give you a glimpse of complicated dynamics that is born in a seemingly simple system