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APS-DFD 2015 Meeting

Screen Shot 2015-12-01 at 2.02.30 PMLast week I traveled to Boston to attend the American Physical Society Division of Fluid Mechanics annual meeting. It was, as usual, a great experience – it’s always a pleasure to see what new things people have thought of since we last talked.

My talk was on the first day, at 8.52a, which made it difficult for some to attend. The slides to the presentation are below, along with updated references. Many thanks to Nick Ouellette whose laptop saved my talk from the claws of Macbook freeze.

In addition, I managed to visit a couple of friends in the area, and saw what MERL and MIT ENDLab look like from inside. Thank you Piyush and Margaux for hosting me.


SIAM DS15 Snowbird meeting

I am spending this week at my all-time favorite SIAM DS Snowbird meeting. As this is my 5th straight DS meeting, it really feels like coming home. I’ll be speaking about my work with Jean-Luc Thiffeault on Finite-Time Braiding Exponent (arXiv) on Wednesday at 3p (in Ballroom 2). My talk is in the MS92: Topological Fluid and Mass Dynamics, organized by Stefanella Boatto and Mark Stremler. The slides of the presentation are embedded below. Additionally, I am co-organizing a two-session minisymposium (MS111 and MS124) with Jean-Luc Thiffeault and Sanjeeva Balasuriya on Thursday. Come by and see what our speakers have done on control of fluids and things inside fluids.
Update: The video of the talk is available on SIAM website.

AIMS 2014 Madrid Presentation

Yesterday, I have given a presentation at AIMS Conference in Madrid, Spain. Braid Dynamics of Non-Periodic Trajectories [pdf]. Click on “Read more” in this post for the abstract.

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At Snowbird DS13

These are the slides (pdf) of the presentation I delivered at the biannual SIAM Dynamical Systems meeting at Snowbird in MS120 minisymposium I coorganized with Tim Sauer.

At MF Oberwolfach…

This week I’m enjoying my stay at MF Oberwolfach, for the workshop 1309 on Structured Functions. We were asked to deliver a short intro to our research that brought us here, so here’s my contribution [pdf]. This is joint work with Mihai Putinar, and I have already mentioned it on this website.

Handwritten (by tradition) abstract in the archival book at MFO, describing my lecture delivered at MFO Workshop 1309. No slides – it was a chalkie!

Presentation from 65th APS DFD (San Diego)

Below are the presentation slides from my talk “Visualization of invariant sets in incompressible fluid flows from Lagrangian data”. The links to the referenced articles:

Presentation slides from 9th ICFD, Sendai, Japan

These are the slides from my 25min talk in OS2 session at 9th International Conference on Fluid Dynamics, Sendai, Japan, Sep 20, 2012. The talk contained some embedded movies which could not be displayed here. Relevant references: